Joining Our Club

Important Information

First off, let's talk about how much it costs. Today, price matters with everything we do.

Our Annual Dues are a measly $30 a year!  $10 extra if you are a NEW member, call it an Initiation Fee!

We pay a $30 fee per tournament each month. We also have a Big Fish pot which is an additional $5 (optional)

Non-boaters will need to pay a boater $30 each month as a maintenance/gas fee.  Unless you get a boat, and then you are no longer a non-boater!

We are a safety conscious club that requires PFD's buckled or snapped when the big motor is running. We also require navigational lights on and working for safe blast offs in the morning of each tournament day. Working live wells are needed for the well being of our fish. 

You could also become AOY (angler of the year) if you catc the most and biggest fish in all 11 regualr season tournaments! Fun, Fun, Fun!

If this doesn't scare you off, then scroll down and fill out our contact form and Rodney Martin will respond with all the answers to your questions and more!

Look forward to growing our family with you included!


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