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Trolling Motors

  1. Trolling Motors
  2. Billy Basser here with my first “tips and quips” subject! 
  3. You guys in our club know I have been using a Motor Guide Tour Edition 80 for the past 10 or 12 years and it has been good to me up until this year. 
  4. I had it fixed twice in the last year and this last time was the last time. I burnt up the foot somehow and have relegated it (in small parts) into my recycle bin for the trash men to take on Tuesday of next week. R.I.P. I say!
  5. What you folks didn’t know was that I got a 70 pound thrust Minn Kota trolling motor on the boat I won in 2004. It didn’t last too long as it was a little underpowered for the 20 foot Triton boat that I got.
  6. In 2005 I won a Motor Guide trolling motor in the one day Bassmaster Weekend Series tournament trail and that is the first Motor Guide I had on the boat. It went to its grave a few years later and I got another one from my friend Brad Foxx when he was hot and heavy supporting Kyle Foxx his son who is a Bassmaster pro. 
  7. Two weeks ago I was able to get a Fortrex 80 pound Thrust trolling motor from another friend who is in our club and happened to have an extra trolling motor in his garage. Thank you Rod for this wonderful trolling motor!
  8. I got it home and have been working on getting it installed for the past week. I took my time and made several trips to Home Depot for bolts and stop nuts and washers to get the trolling motor installed properly. Here’s how it went:
  9. Took the old trolling motor off and disposed of it.
  10. Put the new Fortrex on the deck to set it up for drilling holes to anchor it.
  11. Two trips to Home Depot as I had the wrong length bolts. Finally used #10 2” stainless bolts with large washers both on and under the deck. #10 stop nuts were the final part of the equation. All stainless hardware!
  12. Placed a new male plug on the battery and ground cables from the Minn Kota and plugged it in to see if I had wired it correctly and lo and behold it worked! Remember to remove the plug when not in use as it may drain your batteries somewhat due to trickle drain.
  13. Next I mounted the foot control in its place on the deck and had to go and get more screws at Home Depot for the correct length screws. I used 3” screws and washers above the deck to anchor the foot pedal.
  14. I bought a “G-Force” cable to use to stow and deploy the trolling motor. It has a comfortable handle and the cable is stainless and is plastic coated. I have broken my share of rope cables and am determined to do as much as possible not to have that happen again!
  15. I bought an eliminator prop nut to lessen prop vibrations! I did that so I might get one more bite than my competitors in our club. Just for you, Rod!
  16. I remember back when I was fishing the Bassmaster Weekend Series one day tournaments, one of my partners had to borrow a spare trolling motor from one of the other competitors he knew. He mounted it in the Gator Mount base and used it most of the day. It too broke as one of the cables broke much like his previous trolling motor because he stowed the trolling motor incorrectly!
  17. This is my point and my advice to each of you. When stowing your trolling motor make sure the foot petal is not stressed. I mean that you have two sides to stow the foot of the trolling motor on. The prop can face away or toward the deck. Make sure the foot petal is as horizontal as it can be. The worst thing you can do is turn that foot so it either makes the foot go all the way to the top or all the way to the bottom of the travel because you don’t know how much stress you are putting on the cables that turn your foot left and right.
  18. I hope that these trolling motor tips will help you to have many years of stress free trolling on our lakes and ponds!
  19. God loves you and so do I!
  20. Billy Basser