Betts is closed to people inside, so at this time we are not meeting. Any fishermen interested in joining can contact Bill at 813-7582405 or Norm at 617-306-0635 for an update. 

About Us

Clearwater Senior Bass is about Fishing and friends of all ages

We are a Club that makes fishing and friendly tournaments a part of our lives. We have members from all over the Clearwater/Tampa area and are open to all ages, but currently mostly retired Fishermen that enjoy extra time at the lake. We welcome non-boaters as well as boaters.

We fish 11 regular season tournaments (April - Feb) on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

We fish a 2 day "Classic" on the 3rd weekend of March.

We have a banquet, usually on the 1st Saturday in April for a feast at Lake Seminole Park to celebrate each year. Bring your significant other so we can celebrate as a family! 

We meet at Betts Fishing Center, (126th. Ave North , Largo, Fl.) on the 1st Thursday each month at 5:45 PM.

Click Here if you are interested in joining our club!